(This page includes our Belden House, Art Supply Wish List - see below)


Belden House from Cherry StreetBelden House, a long term, residential home for brain injured adults, is owned and operated by our family.  Several of our Belden House residents are artists, and enjoy the process of creating beautiful art.  Over the years they have had the opportunity to  leaPaul and Barryrn from art groups at Belden House, as well as from various people in our community.  Some of these community artists include, Paula Bergin, the mother of one of our residents, Karen and Wayne at Valley of the Moon Pottery, and local artist, Maria Crane.  Several of our residents have also been a part of art programs that are offered in our community to adults with special needs, such as the art program at "Becoming Independent," and special art experiences through "No Barriers."

I have given the Belden residents their own "gallery" on this website, where they can showcase their art, and if they choose, sell their work.  You can see their artwork by clicking on "Gallery" in the menu.  Then, you will find a thumbnail photo of a resident's art, which is the portal to their beautiful works!

I invite you to encourage our residents by letting them know you have seen their artwork.  You can write an email to them via the "Contact" page of this website, and I will be sure that our Belden House residents get your encouraging words.  

This is just the beginning!  I am anxious to find just how far these fantastic, creative adults can go with their art.  Of this I am sure, creating art is a wonderful way for them to express themselves, and to grow as people, and their Gallery of art is a great way for them to share with you their journey!

If you wish to be put on a mailing list, to receive updates whenever art is added to my website, including Belden House new art, please click on the link at the lower left-hand corner of any web page, and you will receive an email notification as new pieces are added.

Finally, art supplies can be expensive, and our residents are most often on a fixed income, and cannot afford supplies.  I have included a wish list below. If you would like to bless our residents in this way, please visit the websites I have linked, and choose an item(s) to send to Belden House.  Thank you!



To find out more about Belden House, visit BeldenHouse.com



To give art supplies to Belden House residents, please visit the webpages linked to each item.  You can make your purchase online, and have the item shipped to:

Belden House

c/o Debbie Harding

1535 Farmers Lane #242

Santa Rosa, CA  95405

The prices at these online art warehouses are very affordable.  If you do not want to purchase online, you can pick out a comparable item from your local art store, and mail it yourself to the above address.

1. Table-top easels (we need 8) Art Supply Warehouse or Jerry's Artarama 

2. Canvas, canvas board, or art paper

3. Water color paint; Acrylic paint

4. Paint brushes

5. Any art supplies new or used

Please send me an email when you have made a purchase, so I can adjust the amount needed as soon as possible.  Thanks.

Thank you for your generosity.  You have helped to enrich the lives of these wonderful adults.  Please check this page often, if you would like to help our residents with their next project. 

(We are not a non-profit organization.  Your purchase will be used strictly for Belden House.)