Artist Statement

My paintings are colorful and full of light.  I achieve drama, in part, through the juxtaposition of darks and shadows against the lighter values, with highlights, very carefully placed, at the very end of the painting process.  Some of my favorite colors are those in the purple/lavender family.  I find that in many of my paintings, the use of lavender, especially in the shadows, brings out the warmth and radiance of the light.  This is such a metaphor for life, really, for it's when we have traveled through the difficulties of life that we appreciate the good things around us even more.  It's the contrast that makes the joy even sweeter.

My painting exploration is taking me to a more impressionistic, painterly approach.  In my most recent floral pieces, I have used depth of field to further accentuate the focal point.  I find the result to be very dramatic, and I am motivated to continue developing this idea in future pieces.

I am a very visual person, and am so moved by what I see.  I notice, and am affected by the beauty and design in creation. I am easily awed, as I find so many things of interest around me.  I've always been that way, so painting for me is a natural product of a lifetime of feeling inspired.

That’s how the world around me and my art takes on meaning. I am so moved by what I see – the relationships, forms, colors and the light that brings it all to focus. The created world is a testament to the fact that God loves us so much that he has given us this beauty for our enjoyment. So, my humble artwork becomes an offering to His majesty and greatness.  It is a natural out-flowing of my own personal experiences, and I hope a window for others to experience the blessings and gifts of the beauty around us.

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